Thursday, 16 April 2009

Remember when?

The latest news is that I'm still busy looking after my Mr Fixit's new knee and have had little time for blogging .

Not as busy as I would be though if I hadn't hidden the little bell which my brother and sister-in-law kindly posted to him!!

However, thanks to my good friend Lidi (some of you will have met her when she helps in the shop) and her wonderful 'all singing, all dancing' camera, I have shots which she has taken to share with you.

Now, here's a way to date some of you ... who remembers drinking brandy and Babycham?
The Babycham glasses are from the 1950's if the fawn is white, 1960's if it is golden yellow and 1970's if a lemon yellow. The bottles of Babycham on display are from 2009 (Morrison's)!

1 comment:

  1. I remember the Babycham glasses,which sat inside my parents' sideboard,along with those lovely Britvic fruit glasses...remember those?