Monday, 27 April 2009

Enid Blyton even has my favourite shape of vintage caravan!

I couldn't resist this picture. In my dreams I'd love This'n'That to have its own caravan to take to vintage fairs. Maybe ..... you never know:)


  1. Lovely caravan, I'd like one too but I can't drive!!! Love the pictures in your last post as well. I've been looking at the ladybird things, can you let me know when you get them in? I wanted the shopping list pad... will you have that? :)

  2. Now that! sounds a lovely notion.
    This'n'That on tour eh!
    Don't forget to install the electrics, should you realise your dream.
    Don't want to miss out on the blogging, do we?

    Thanks for popping by, I am so glad you like Miguel.

    Although I have always loved the song of the Blackbird, I hadn't really thought more about cadence and intonations of the songs, until you remarked upon it.

    I totally agree....Swedish

  3. I'd like this in my back garden ;-)

  4. How lovely, anything to do with Enid Blyton is a hit for me, love it all!

  5. Love this shape of caravan - I have three from the 1930's, all a similar shape to this, which I still use.