Thursday, 16 April 2009


In my annual search for a chocolate free option for Easter I discovered 'Egglings'. They are ceramic eggs with a built in 'fault' so that you can tap and take off the top. Then, with compost and seeds provided you can grow thyme, basil or wild strawberry seedlings, placing it in the little terracotta saucer provided. It's all in a very natty little box .... I'm a sucker for well designed boxes!

At the moment I am selling the last few for £5 each.


  1. Hello, so glad I found you through Sal, I can't wait to visit you soon. I've had a good look at your blog & the best thing has to be Leo.... are you sure I can't find him in the shop??? He does look like a kept cat, I couldn't see him getting his paws dirty! I love the posters, the postcards (the donkey is my fav) & the Babycham goodies. I'm hoping to meet up with Sal for a day out to Totnes on a Friday, until then I can get my vintage fix here. :)

  2. Hello Lesley, like many others, I suspect, I've found you through Sal's blog! She is so fond of your shop - with good reason, I can see! I love these little egg thingies; such a good gift that would actually be productive, as well as decorative.

  3. Hello Lesley, yes I too found you via Sals blog. What a wonderful wonderful shop you have! I love to look at all your wonderful pictures. I love Leo he is a darling x

  4. So glad to find you through Sal's Snippets. I wish i didn't live so far away. My husband would love the little figures on one of Sal's pictures. They are little bathing beauties behind the large lady!! (which could be me!!) do you do mail order?

  5. Hello!
    Just came across you via blog land!
    Your shop is amazing, now I must go and have a better look!

    Samxx ;0)