Saturday, 29 January 2011

Heading for a century!!

Soon after opening This'n'That I discovered the joys of the 'Vistaprint' online printing services and have never looked back. I've lost count of how many different business cards, tags and giveaway postcard designs have been created in those years.

Some have been reprinted again and again whilst others were one batch wonders!

I've been trying to set aside a few spares from each batch since I began blogging with the intention of using them as part of a giveaway. Apologies to those of you who may recall my plan to do that last Spring.

However, this time I am resolute ... once I get to 100 followers (almost there) .. I will sort out a giveaway which will include some of these cards.

I realise that I may be wrong in flattering myself that folks want them but I seem to get regular customers in the shop asking for whichever is the latest or sometimes requesting 'back issues' to fill their collections.

Maybe I should be planning a folder like those partwork magazines where you had to collect all 96 editions to get a free file?! Somehow I don't think I'll reach such heady numbers:)

The picture above (used for the Nostalgic Mix 2 invitation cards) is from an early 1950's bus timetable which I scanned and changed the colours from red, white and blue to my favourite turquoise.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Time for a 'virtual visit' to This'n'That!

Now that Christmas is over lots more vintage stock creeping back in and most of the remaining 'gift' lines are reduced, though I wouldn't actually call it a sale!

Enid Blyton continues to be a favourite! We have the usual stock of her books, school posters and some Enid Blyton Magazines and school reading books.

Wonderful old girls' annuals for 'old girls' like me!

Also, old annuals and books for 'old boys' like Mr Fixit!

I'll be off searching for more early Penguin and Puffin books. They sold well and I'm in need of 'top-up' stock. The shop also sells the Penguin and Puffin book cover postcards at 50p each or just £14.99 for a box of 100 .... great value!

When buying old books in quantity I often find some with missing pages, scribble or just too ragged to sell. We save these and have then made into novelty bunting to sell.

I'm still having to limit the vintage book shelves. Otherwise, This'n'That would rapidly become a bookshop and lines like the 'gardener gifts' would be squezeed out.

We try to maintain collections of sailing, gardening and cricket books too so I'm off hunting for stock to keep the shelves topped up through the summer.

I recently bought a lovelt collection of music, The artwork on the covers is just great!

Rosey Reed's shell and driftwood pieces bring a bit of the coast into the shop. She lives in Somerset and collects all of her own driftwood and beachcombings.

The old pine dresser gets regularly replenished. Vintage jelly moulds have become increasingly popular since recipe books featuring great jellies (with alcohol) for grown ups!! .... a little hint ... the vegetarian jellies just don't work that well. They turn out and then ... GLOOP ....its all collapsed!!

So pleased when I was able to add a collection of 'herry B' glasses alongside our usual Babycham glasses. We've even got 'Pony' and 'Britvic' too.

The little blue armchair is a pipe stand.

The contents of the shelves in the back of the shop chop and change regularly and are always worth browsing through. I try to keep breakables high up and then parents with little children can relax a bit:)