Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunday Trove! or "Paul's First Outing with his new knee!!"

Sunday dawned as a lovely sunny day so off we set at 6.15am to Matford near Exeter.

This was Paul's big day out having been under house arrest since his new knee op. Not sure how interesting it was for him to wait in the car whilst I went off looking for trove but it was that or 'cabin fever'!

Thought I'd share some of the book purchases .......

I'm afraid that the choices are very self indulgent ... pure nostalgia!!

Eventually they all find their way to the shop but I read or at least browse through them first.

Occasionally I go into denial for a few weeks but in the end they are 're-homed' in the shop since our home is too small for the hoarding which comes to me quite instinctively!

Couldn't resist adding a couple of pictures of Leo. He has to check all new stock and also loves lying with paws swinging either side of chair arms, bench seats and even the ironing board ... just like the lions he's seen on TV lying along tree branches. (Yes, he watches TV!)


  1. Oh what lovely finds! Oh my goodness just look at Leo he is so gorgeous and it seems you know who is boss so everyone is happy! :)

  2. A nice boot sale is a good excuse to try out the new knee! Nice books & what a lovely cat!


  3. When I was young, I absolutely adored 'I spy' books! That's how I taught myself the names of so many trees, birds,flowers, butterflies etc etc. I'd jump over the fence and into the woods (we lived backing on to Milber woods) I would go..!
    I remember having the 'Cars' I spy book too! I would sit on the bank overlooking the Torquay road... and car spot! Happy days!
    We went to Newton car boot today..gorgeous weather for it eh?
    Glad Paul is now getting out! ;-)

  4. Hi Lesley..
    One can never have too many books.. that is true!
    I love the way Leo drapes himself... I had a Maine Coon cat that liked to hang over the edge of the ironing board.
    It was lovely to meet you on Friday and feast my eyes on the gorgeous nostalgia in your shop. I am so sorry I didn't have more time.. it was such a dash!
    Hope to return soon..