Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The girls are back in town!!

Have just bought a new camera (all the better to blog with) and couldn't resist trying it out with this lovely vintage Midwinter "Cannes" plate and some of my bathing ladies. They are new and will be available for a while and there are also voluptuous ladies, photo soon! :)


  1. I love them...and the plate too!!
    Don't you find some wonderful things?!!
    I can feel a Totnes trip coming on!

  2. When you say voluptuous, does that mean you will be using the wide angle lens on your new camera? ;)

  3. Oh they are adorable never seen anything like the bathing ladies. The camera is great photo is perfect

  4. I love these ladies. I wonder if swimming caps will ever come back into fashion? SueX