Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Recent trove!! As yet not polished up and restored but thought you'd like to see what I've found!

Couldn't resist this lovely book. Don't know anyone off to Ireland at the moment so it's for sale in the shop. It's brand new and beautifully illustrated on thick, quality paper! Love it!!

Lots of other books below to come into the shop. I'm especially pleased that there are more natural history/gardening ones. The old penguin ones on fruit are by Mr. Bush!

Below: a mottley collection all awaiting This'n'That's brand of TLC from Mr. Fixit!! Funny how things seem to appear in batches! This week's batch would appear to be little brown cases. As you can see the largest has drawers! Now I have to wrestle with the options of whether to keep it (and perhaps line it with paper or fabric) or to sell it for someone else to do the TLC stuff!
I used to be indecisive but now I'm not too sure:)
The cash boxes make great treaure boxes and have trays with little compartments inside. One is being polished up as I type this and once gleaming they will go into the shop.
The milk bottles are an interesting collection. They are popular as 'kitchen windowsill vases' and look great with a bunch of buttercups or suchlike.
Ironically, one had a picture of a milkfloat and a message which read "Don't let your milkman become a thing of the past", and here I am selling the bottle as a collectable!

This book was something of a 'wildcard' for me since I sell very few new books. It's all about the postcard as artwork - very funky and modern looking.

More maps .... lovely miniature shears (can't say childsize since the health & safety thought police would get me!)
The ceramic bowl with a shiny metal rim is a curious thing. It has a flowery print (very olde worlde) and then painted over it (and glazed and fired) is Clarice Cliff style angular, orange, red and black design. I can only think that it was used as an developmental or training piece as styles changed in the 30's.

Pimms bunting ... well do I need to say more? Even without the bunting we all deserve a little tipple and a few mins of tennis on TV. The cocktail shaker is a penguin with a bow tie. Every home should have one:)

I'm so pleased with the miniature insulated tea pot and the egg cups but ... yes ... I will be brave and sell them ... honestly!

The season for summer picnics seems to be upon us and so I will be bringing them in over the next few weeks.

Finally ... Fred! Lovely boy:)

Monday, 22 June 2009

Ways With Words July 10th to 19th 2009

Once more I've decided that I deserve a week's 'holiday at home' and I've booked a rover ticket for the Ways With Words festival at Dartington Hall. Thanks to good friends the shop will open as usual but I will be enjoying a change of surroundings and listening to the many and varied talks at the festival. (click for link if you want info.)

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Remember Jane of Ladybird fame?!

Well, in those days the Mums and daughters did all of the housework whilst Peter and his Dad did the manly stuff like mowing the lawn and playing with the dog!
I admit that she's looking in need of being ironed (must be all of the chores giving her wrinkles) but I just had to take a pic. as soon as I unpacked her.
'She' is a teatowel which I sell for £5.95. If any bloggers would like one I could find out postage which I doubt would be much. It comes in a cello pack with a 'ladybird' card top.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Creative Torbay Arts Market in Paignton on Sunday 14th June

Spent a busy weekend visiting two markets and four carboots!! I promise you that our normal pace of life is much slower but we're having work done at home (decorating, plumbing etc.) and it's easier to be out of the way!
Then, by way of relaxation, we went along to the Creative Torbay Arts Market in the Palace Gardens at Paignton. 5* to Paignton for such a lovely venue and event (although the litter in the surrounding streets was a bit of a disappointment).
Our friend Jo Stewart from Art Rooms opposite the shop had a lovely, colourful stall (sorry Jo no good pic. to post). The stilt walkers were brilliant and the musicians, artists and craftspeople all made it great fun and so colourful.
I've put in a link to show you the rest of the Creative Torbay events :)

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Some belated thanks for my lovely purchases!

As you can see I had a little bit of a self-indulgent shopping spree at the Vintage and Handmade Fair last weekend!

Thanks to all of the sellers for such a great event.

Totnes Market on Friday :)

I'm afraid that I haven't found tme for blogging this week so I'll try to post a few this weekend to make up for it ...

The Friday market is always colourful and full of goodies but this week I just had to take a pic. of these flowers from "The Walled Garden". I'd noticed a big bunch in The Tangerine Tree cafe earlier in the week and was determined to track them down and buy some. It's just the way I'd like my garden to look but of course that is extremely unlikely to happen, at least whilst I still have the shop. So a bit of virtual floral border will have to do for the moment.

It's been a delight to see the new series of flowery paintings develop in Art Rooms opposite my shop. Jo (artist and gallery owner) is currently inspired by the spring colours along our Devon lanes and every day seems to bring a new delight on canvas! Do pop in to see her if you are passing :)
There's a link to Jo's website with the Look Art Rooms picture in the right column of this blog.

... and finally, a rare pic. of Mr. Fixit as he goes off up the ramp to visit the upsatirs Flea Market. If you visit Totnes on a Friday don't forget to pop up there!

Remember the old canvas Li-Los??

I was so pleased to find one of the old cardboard Li-Lo pumps and now it's proudly displayed with the new inflatable cushions which I sell. They are just like the old ones with a cottony canvas outer layer and rubber backing. There is a stopper on a string to pop in once its blown up and the front is a pale aqua with old roses whilst the back is the same aqua colour but with spots.
I have full size Li-Lo style airbeds in the same shades too but every time that I get around to displaying them the weather changes! (pics soon once I have inflated them)
The cusions sell for £11.50 and the airbeds for £35