Sunday, 19 April 2009

1950's school geography "Looking at Britain"

I just can't resist old school text books! They are such an amazing source of social history and such nostalgic fun! (Not much 'Health & Safety' going on in this pic. from a 1950's geography book.)
It has the original price list and cost 6s .. 3d so a class set would have been a big purchase. As a pupil in the 50's/60's and subsequently as a teacher I experienced so many of these schemes.
I didn't keep one book for old times' sake but delight in finding them for the shop, especially if I can find an old desk to display them on.


  1. I love these pics !
    And,of course,I do have one of your old desks!! ;-)

  2. That's a wonderful picture! When I began teaching in 1990 I (whisper it) binned some old books from the 1970s, which the previous teacher had still been using. I should have been a bit more far-sighted and kept them for future reference, really.

  3. I so heartily agree with you
    The images are so evocative too
    If we had had the foresight to keep these books when we once had them, would there not now be the fun in hunting them down?