Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Nostalgic Mix in Narnia ... sorry, Totnes!!. Don't forget to come along on Saturday 31st March!

A new piece of local graffiti which appeared last week! Not the first time that this statement has been made. It's met with a very mixed reception. Local folk seem to either love it or hate it!! Go to the Tangerine Tree cafe near to the market to buy one of Robert Davidson's photographs of this little gem.
No news regarding who did the dastardly deed ....... lots of suspects though!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Last minute booking?

Have an unexpected vacant table at Nostalgic Mix due to a very late cancellation just before midnight on Monday:( I really need to fill this urgently so please call me 07799 897514 if you would like to step in .... you'll have a great day .... give it a try!? XX

Monday, 26 March 2012

Counting down to the Totnes Nostalgic Mix fair on March 31st!

Chad Valley fold up farmyard c1940's and amethyst hobnail vase by Rudolf Jurnikl c1960's

This'n'That .... 'n' ..... more!!

Come along to find vintage fabrics, handmade treats, retro chic, china, vintage clothes, jewellery, childhood nostalgia, kitchenalia, upcycled wonders ... and much, much more!

and now for Amanda and ... more ...

Retro chic from Amanda's Shabby Chick!

Pots. pans and more from Denise Morley

Wonderful vintage fabrics from Salssnippets

Vintage clothes and jewellery from Marie-Dominique and Tom

Vintage dolls from Sarah Strachan

Treat yourself to a handmade heirloom from Speedwell Quilts

A selection of Admiralty charts from Lizzie

Sadie Pipe's cushions and candles

Miracles of recycling from "Upcycleme"

Bears and Hedgehogs from 'Taylor Made Creations'

Childhood and china from Scallywags (aka Maddy from This'n'That!)

Bangle and dolls by Yasmin the 'Button Glutton'

Vintage watch bracelets by 'Recycloanalyst'

Coronation kitsch and so MUCH more from Leonore's 'International Quality Kitsch'

Rabbits, ducks and more plus 1970's fabric collage pic from Trixie Hewlett

Mosaics made from vintage china by Ali Soper

Friday, 16 March 2012

Guerrilla Knitters

They've stitched up Saltburn pier!! Click the picture for the BBC video!!
When I grow up I'd like to be able to knit like that!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Nostalgic Mix March 31st 2012. Totnes Civic Hall 10.00am to 4.00pm

Coming soon!! I will be putting this list plus more details of sellers onto a linked blog soon but thought it a good time to whet your appetite for a vintage inspired trip to Totnes!! I still have a couple of tables free (due to changed circumstances) so do get in touch asap if you would like to come along to join these sellers.

Quiet a number of those listed below are taking double spaces so it promises to be a hall full of goodies as usual.

Avril's "More Tea Vicar" tea shop will be creating her very own bit of retro, calorie laden heaven to make our happiness complete! (remember that if no-one sees you eat it there's no calories!!)

We will also be joined by Alice Roberton from" Homes and Antiques" magazine. She has taken a table to promote the magazine and will, in turn be featuring our event. We get a prior mention in the March edition on page ten.

.....and so the list so far is ....

Ali Soper’s Mosaic Designs

Alison Adams

Amanda Stanbury “Shabby Chick”

Ann Jenkins “Recycloanalyst”

Avril Stuart “More Tea Vicar”

Barbara Paul “Speedwell Quilts”

Carol Rogers “Crafty Carol”

Carol & Peter Preston “Mists of Time”

Denise Morley “Cuisine Francaise”

Judith Green Little Rock Vintage”

Julia Ball Alice’s Tea Party”

Leonore Holder “International Quality Kitsch”

Lesley Loach “This’n’That”

Liz Van Hasselt “The Washerwoman”

Maddy Park “Scallywags”

Marie-Dominique Mayer

Patsy Taylor Taylor Made Creations”

Philippa Tillbrook “ Philippa Potts”

Paul Loach “Bits and Pieces”

Sadie Pipe “Cushions and Candles”

Sally Hall “Sals Snippets Vintage Fabrics”

Sarah Strachan

Sue Campbell “Painted Grey”

Tara & Ben Gavan “Elegantly Wasted Vintage”

Tracey Hewlett “The Vintage Bothy”

Yasmin Biggins “Button Glutton”