Thursday, 30 April 2009

Maybe a visit to Totnes Castle?

Above .... the This'n'Thatmobile parked by 'our' Norman castle. There's worse car parking in this world! On a clear evening, the skyline is just amazing with the castle silhouetted against the stars ... that's a future challenge for my new camera!

The castle grounds.

... and lots of wild garlic! I wonder if the Normans had wild garlic?


  1. You see, one minute you talk of caravans, conjuring up the notion of travelling
    Now you have a castle, a statement of permanence.
    Are you coming or going? lol!
    How insightful of the Normans to build a car park in front of their premises.
    On a less flippant note, I know the scene well and can conjure up in my minds eye the setting, both during the day with splendid vistas, as well at night with the castle silhouetted against the stars.

  2. Wonderful! Happy May Day!