Wednesday, 12 May 2010

"Nostalgic Mix Fair" Totnes, October 9th in the Civic Hall, High Street, Totnes

Introducing the "Nostalgic Mix" fair ... featuring a mix of vintage, retro and handmade delights!

Since starting blogging I have been inspired by the posts detailing all of the lovely vintage fairs and by my visits to the Vintage and Handmade fair in Chipping Sodbury and so ...... after much deliberation and helpful conversations with friends ..... Totnes is to have its own fair arranged by This'n'That!
It will be in the Civic Hall on Saturday, October 9th. That is the hall which spans our open market so it's really handy for the centre of town, exploring the market stalls and shops, enjoying the town's great foodie places and it is just across the way from the main car parks.
I will be sorting a plan and table prices early next week and fortunately already have some names on a provisional list. If you would like to receive details and/or go onto the list please email me on the link on right column of my blog.
I am going to set up a linked blog with info on the event, places to stay etc. once I've got the booking paperwork sorted.
I know that so many Totnes folk go all over the place to buy or sell at vintage fairs and I thought it about time that we had one of our own :-)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Totnes away day at V&H, Chipping Sodbury!

Saturday was one of those lovely days which you spend ages looking forward to and then turns out to be every bit as much fun as you had hoped!

Mr Fixit and I accompanied by Lidi (who helps me in the shop) and her partner travelled up the M5 leaving Devon clouds and showers behind and arriving to find Gloucestershire sunshine ... all as planned.

What an enlightened council ... Chipping Sodbury has plentiful free, yes free parking!! Even on a busy Saturday it was easy to park. Thank you Chipping Sodbury:)

The town hall was filled, in equal measures, with vintage and handmade goodies, familiar faces and wonderful cakes! So pleased that my latest diet (a fruit & veg. detox) wasn't due to start until today. Even then I had to give Mr Fixit three quarters of my choc. cake which he nobly munched (the things they do for love)! Our joint congratulations to the maker of that tall, squidgy, death by chocolatey cake. Gold medal to you:)

Anyway, as usual, I digress. We both bought lots of lovely treats and I had the opportunity to catch up with friends. Sad to say, I was having a bit of camera trouble and the usual 'flash free' pics weren't turning out well and the flash was a bit dazzling for folk. Apologies to Jane for dazzling her. Anyway, here's nine OK shots of goodies and apologies to anyone I've missed.