Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Life is never simple!!

Just as I start to get the hang of blogging and imagine myself whiling away quiet evenings at the computer ..... we receive news that Mr. Fixit (my right hand man at the shop) is off to get a bionic knee on Friday!

He joined a four month waiting list just under a week ago and ... bingo!!

How fortunate that his train driver day was last weekend ... don't think that the zimmer frame would meet the health & safety requirements of even an old fashioned railway.

So .. for a few days I won't be posting much on This'n'That's blog but please don't think that I have given up.

Meanwhile I hope that you enjoy the image which I've just posted. It is from the cover of an old (I guess 1940's /50's Sunday School Union story book.
Instead of advertising the shop, I use modified old images (like this one) on postcards which I give away to customers. They change every few weeks and to my surprise there are some keen collectors so sometimes I have to re-issue one which was in short supply so that it can be collected.
Maybe I should make the set like those '96 piece encyclopaedia' which newsagents sell with a free binder once you have the lot!!

Must share some of my old school books with you soon. (All collected after I retired from teaching ... happy times re-visited I guess).

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