Saturday, 30 May 2009

What a great day out!

Mr Fixit and I had a rare Saturday out together today to visit the Vintage and Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury. I am aware that many of my followers will not only know of the event but were there as customers or sellers. All that I can say to everyone else is ... "Find out when and where the November 2009 V & H Fair is to be held and move heaven and earth to go!!"

When we arrived the first stand holders we came across were Amanda (Shabby Chick) with her Mum and then Leonore (International Quality Kitsch) with her daughter ... just as though it was a Totnes awayday :)

Then, all other goodies were revealed! The Town Hall made a lovely venue and we were both very impressed that Chipping Sodbury has free car parking. (***** five stars to their town council for such forsight).

Sorry that my photographs aren't too clear, maybe I should have done close ups to use the flash properly but I wanted to get some background in as well. Anyway, the only way to go is up with my photographic skills ... onward and upward as we say!

Above and below ... Michelle's 'Cowboys and Custard stand ... packed with goodies.

Then on to see my 'Blog Mentors' Sal (Salssnippets) and Mr Snippets (who is known on his blog as Professor Yaffle). It was so lovely to see them, Their kind encouragement has really helped with my blogging. Sal's stand was alive with colour and goodies, all very tempting but in the end I treated myself to a beautiful little vintage gardening book. ... More about purchases tomorrow when, in better light, I photograph my 'trove' to share with you. I'll probably edit this with more captions too.
However, for the time being, as all good books go ... then , tired but happy, they went home for tea ... THE END

... and finally, where did we end the day's browsing? No, not the zoo ... answer to follow tomorrow.


  1. Hello Lesley...
    It was so lovely to see you at the fair.... took a few seconds to place everyone seeing them out of their usual habitat..
    It was such a fun day and November seems such a long time to wait.. but it will come round quickly enough..
    Hope you had a wonderful day!

    Michele x

  2. Wow that looks amazing! I wish I could have gone as CS isn't that far for me!

    s xx

  3. Hi Lesley

    Likewise - it was lovely to meet you and I'm so glad the price tags have found the perfect homes both in ThisnThat and, as all good sellers know, partly in your own home!!! It's one of the main reasons we do this, isn't it? To be able to enjoy some of our purchases for a while without letting others near them!!!!!!

    Shall certainly come and see you when we eventually make it to Totnes, but in the meantime we can keep uptodate via the blog.

    November, if not before!

    Sue x

  4. Wow, it looks just fabulous! I wish we had that fair here. xxxx

  5. Oh, I'm very envious. I've been thinking of you all... Thanks for the first photos of it!

  6. Hello Leslie
    It was lovely to see you at the fayre.
    Thanks for looking us up. Sal and I are both pleased that you had a lovely time.

  7. It was very nice to meet you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it & wish we'd had more time to chat but it was so busy!

    I recognise where you went afterwards but won't tell!

  8. Oh what wonderful photographs Thank you for sharing so wish I could have gone mind you I would have spent a fortune I know it!
    As for the hippos well they are just so cute! Love them. Look forward to tomorrows post x

  9. Hi Lesley,
    It was good to meet you at the fair, a change from our normal roles where I am usually the shopper in This'n'That! Hope to see you soon as we are surely (over)due a visit to Totnes. Thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog and I'm really glad you are liking your brooch.
    Hen x

  10. Oh this all look too wonderful!
    Lovely blog - am off to make a cuppa and explore here!


  11. Really glad you enjoyed it...we had such fun but I managed to spend most of my profits there!!

  12. Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Great to see so many pics of the fair (for us few poor souls who couldn't be there! Esp. Michele's stand as she forgot her camera! Best pics I've found so far! t.x

  13. Ooh it looks so lovely. I am so jealous, I wish I could have gone.

  14. Well, for someone who isn't 'into' vintage, your blog has made even my mouth water at the prospect of all those beautiful things, both vintage and hand made! And how lovely that Chipping S*dbury (surly we should asterix the expletive!) looks ... never been there, but have been to other Cotswold towns such as Moreton in Marsh, Bourton on the Water, Stow on the Wold ... right now off out to Garden by the House for a cup of tea!
    Margaret P

  15. Wow! Wonderful...I wish I could go to many fabulous finds and displayed in such a nice way.