Monday, 4 May 2009

Time to browse around the shop .....

There's always a selection of gifts for gardeners. At the moment they range from the small spools of Nutscene coloured twine at 60p to oak, acorn, cane toppers at £1.50 and upwards to trugs buckets etc.
From time to time there's also vintage tools as well as the Joseph Bentley tools for young gardeners. They are the "Apprentice" range and bear a 5 year guarantee with the promise of survivning to become the next generation's hand me downs:)
The lovely Carters' seed images are on hold alls and gardeners' aprons. More due soon - will post pics.
The current best seller amongst the garden gift range is the 'paper potter' for making your own plant pots for seedlings. I understand that the Telegraph is the favoured quality of newspaper for some customers!!

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  1. your shop looks very inviting when I am down in your neck of the woods I will deffo visit.