Thursday, 28 May 2009

Arts Award presents "A Day at the Beach - 1950's" with KEVICC students in partnership with This'n'That on Saturday 23rd May.

What a great start to the day on Saturday when a group of KEVICC students set up outside the shop to present their version of This'n'That's 1950's beach theme.
They were just great and deserve a big round of applause. The students had visited the shop previously to choose the aspect to focus upon ... and well ... the pictures speak for themselves!! They even put down sand to create the 'beach' from which they 'paddled'.


  1. What fun! I bet passers by really enjoyed it.

  2. Oh what a great idea!
    And I love the photos because I shows me the outside of your wonderful shop xxx

  3. What a wonderful idea from these three beautiful bathing belles..
    I could do with these lasses as part of my display for my seaside theme at the V & H fair..

    Michele x