Friday, 22 May 2009

Vintage, Gayway Reading Scheme school posters by Macmillan just arrived!

They feature different traditional nursery rhymes. The colours are vibrant and the artwork quite nostalgic. Not certain how old they are but suffice to say that their folder, with the series name on, looks just the same as the 1950's Enid Blyton poster series folder.


  1. Fabulous!! I must pay you a visit soon!!

  2. Never seen these before but they are just beautiful. The art work is fantastic x

  3. Ooooh they are lovely , i just wish i was nearer !!!

  4. Just come across your site, as I have a considerable number of original macmillan vintage school posters, e.g. enid blyton bible pictures and the nursery rhyme posters you have featured here. I am looking for valuation and to sell. Do you know where I can do this. Thankyou