Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Growing lad!

As we watched young (he's four) Leo pottering amongst the daisies my husband remarked how much slimmer and trimmer Leo looked now that he was out and about on his paws more what with Spring and warmer days etc.

As Leo reached his bird watching seat (why bother with a hide?!) ... I looked at him carefully and was unable to see the weight loss ... in fact he reminds me of the Ronald Searle cat pics. What do you think?
PS Leo takes himself VERY seriously and so we had to go indoors to laugh:) :)


  1. 'I'm not fat, it's this hair, it makes me look - pouffy!' Quote from Manny the Mammoth in Ice Age for those without children! I agree that it would be very hard to tell with all that hair! But he's so handsome, anyway...

  2. Oh how funny, laughing out loud at him! He's gorgeous but maybe just a 'little' too plump! Must be the diet of sparrows-ive heard they're high in calories!
    Kirsty x

  3. Sorry Leo I did have a chuckle!!! Cats hate being laughed at don't they??? He is very beautiful but I think he knows it :)

  4. Oh I love Leo, she is just so handsome! Love the way he sits and surveys his kingdom! bless him he is just so cute x

  5. And how mean are you laughing at him! Although I have to say I had a chuckle to myself xx LOL