Sunday, 17 May 2009

This'n'That ... Who'd have thought it?!

Sorry not to have much to blog this weekend but at home it's all hands to the boxes and bin sacks as we prepare for our spare room cum my office space to be gutted and refurbed. Oh bliss, oh joy .. but there's not much of either around at the moment. (Sal, I take heart from the before and after pics of your bathroom project!)

Anyway, I've been saving these two little namesakes (of shop & blog) to show you. Hopefully in the coming months I will find more.
I would guess that the book is early C20.
The pack of cards is marked as 1963. Haven't had time to read the rules yet but it looks quite complicated and certainly needs to be tackled in a calmer atmosphere than we have today!


  1. How wonderful are they! Love the cards and the book... Fantastic x

  2. Two very different eras but beautiful graphics in both..

    Michele x

  3. They are great. Bet you were chuffed to find those.
    Hen x

  4. How wonderful to find those.
    Bet I never find anything with 'Sal's Snippets' on it!!
    Glad the bathroom inspired you!!

  5. Hi, I love your blog and I hope you dont mind but I've added it to my blogroll.
    Take Care
    Love Melanie xxxx

  6. Lovely book and those cards look great. I bet you were thrilled to find those.

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. My husbad is not 100% sure about them so I have a bit more work to do in convincing him that they are a great idea!
    I so LOVE your blog. Very me! I have been a bit behind with blogging and have caught up with the last couple of posts that I missed on your blog. I too collect ladybird books. I have such pleasure watching the collection grow. The sad thing is that the ladybird fairytales books I have since childhood have been drawn on!! I used to add blue on the eye lid to make it look the eye shadow and bright red felt or pen on the lips! Vandal...Why did I do that?..
    The This'n'that cards are so sweet, what a find for you!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  8. I have found your blog via Sals Snippets, which I look at regularly. How I've come to miss your blog, as there's a mention on Sal's blog, I do not know! But found it I have!
    I used to shop regularly in Totnes until about 5 years ago, i.e. around the time you opened your shop. But I intend to start shopping there again. As such I took a stroll up the town last Thursday, to find you were closed all day on a Thursday. Then I came on Monday, and found you were not open until 10.30 am, but I didn't have long left on my car parking ticket as I'd arrived in the town around about 9 am. But before long I shall pop in!
    I love Ladybird books, too. Our sons had many of them when they were young and did book 'tumbling' with them, like domino 'tumbling'. They would set up the books throughout the house, whole rows of them, upright, and then set them tumbling. Fortunately, it didn't do the books much harm, but sadly, when we moved we parted with many things (this was 1985) and the children's books were one of those things. Now I'm collecting a few of them again. My favourites, which I have, are What to Look for in Spring ... Summer ... Autumn ... and Winter. And the Winter is my favourite, not because it's my favourite season (spring is), but because of the wonderful art work ... the cover painting and the painting with the pink evening sky.
    I think your shop used to be a fabric and needlework shop, did it not? And Opposite was the late Charles Griffin's shop (which his widow Anita continued to run after his untimely death) as a gent's outfitters. What surprised me when I visited Totnes last Thursday, Saturday (for a hair appointment) and again on Monday, was that few shops are closed. I wish I could say the same for Paignton, where I live. Perhaps that is the secret: niche shops which don't complete with supermarkets.
    Anyway, so glad to have found your blog ... hope to see you soon!
    Margaret P