Sunday, 4 April 2010

Time to blog and to 'boot' once more

I am sorry to have been absent from the blogging world for so long. Many thanks to any followers who are still out there to see the return of the prodigal ... well I have been pretty busy but also having a good time:)

In January we went away to the Caribbean on a two week cruise. It was amazing! We only recently started to take hols abroad. I never dreamt that there was somewhere so filled with all shades of blue and where my achy bones stopped aching ... heaven. So, instead of it being a holiday of a lifetime, as in once only, we have just booked for next January and so a serious saving campaign has begun:)

Then, in March, it was Paul's (aka Mr Fixit, This'n'That's unsung and unpaid hero, my husband) 65th birthday so we went off to Herefordshire to be close to friends and family for a week of celebrating. Didn't take many pics but here's one of the sunset from the farm cottage which we stayed in. It's a lovely place called Hidelow House with barn conversions and cottages to let. We have stayed there lots of times over the years and I heartily recommend it. I will try to put a link to their website in the right margin.

Anyway, I am filled with resolve to do more blogging in the coming weeks and months. I've really missed keeping in touch with everyone and have been so pleased to see some bloggers in the shop! Thank you:)

Today we went to the flea market at Shepton Mallet in Somerset. Haven't done that for ages. It was great fun and, as you will see from the pics .... very productive (if equally muddy!) with lots of new 'trove' lined up for the shop.

Last but not least ... how many bloggers recall these old style Brownie uniforms with the ties which were, for me anyway, rocket science to tie?!! I seem to recall that they were supposed to double up as a sling if you met up with someone who had a broken arm whilst wearing your uniform ... never happened to me ... what about you?


  1. i love your shop! everytime i pop into totnes i have to visit- your cruise sounded a real delight- save those pennies!! hehe ;0)
    i love all your treats and treasure's!!!xxxx

  2. Great finds & nice to have you back blogging!


  3. Firstly, wow what a holiday! This is the first year in 4 that we havn't spent the first 2 weeks of the year in the Sinai in the warm waters of the Red Sea, and how cold has it been here?!
    I love your buys (well I love your shop)especially the maps, I must do a blog one day about my collection).
    In answer to your question, I can remember brown brownie dresses I can't remember the ties, however I never was one because they were not cool! haha.
    Hope to visit soon

  4. It was lovely to see you again. We never did get back on Friday, which was a shame. Back again in October! I love my Lidi cards. I kept one for me (the top one in your previous post)and sent Mr B the one with the candyshell eggs, which was appropriate as he came back from Salford on Sunday, with some of the very same goodies from the Cadbury outlet shop. Yum! Take care, Zoe x

  5. Your holiday snaps look fantastic, don't blame you for wanting another 'go'.
    What a fantastic goodie haul, Did you leave anything for anyone else?
    I remember the brownie brown dresses and yes I did wear one but mum tied the tie so it was probably a good job no-one needed a sling as I probably wouldn't have got it off.

  6. nice finds at the Flea! I was a failed Brownie.. only did it for a few weeks! Glad you liked my blog about the Homespun fair, it was a super event.

  7. What wonderful holidays! And how lovely to see your blog again!
    Margaret P