Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sunshine, (fairly) blue skies and vintage china!

After Sunday's big shed clear out (see last but one blog), the kitchen is now VERY full of china! As usual, I am in total denial about the need to sell most of it. I think that I need to find a few more cups but on the whole I'm pretty pleased with what we've found.

It's also given me a few ideas for future projects ... more on that in due course:)

The second picture features a small hoverfly who shall be known as Eric. He turns up whenever we are at the garden table, seems to have a very keen interest in old china and manages to be constantly positioned just behind Mr Fixit no matter how fast he turns around! all very strange ... maybe Eric is really an Early Reconniassance Intergalactic Craft!! Yes, I know too much china and too much sun are leading to an overactive imagination!


  1. Love love all that china. Such beautiful patterns. Bet it feels fab to have your shed tidied...until you fill it again mind you!

  2. Your china collection reminds me of my late Uncle's hardware shop. My parents would regularly be given rose china tea sets in their boxes.. and groan at yet another tea set... so these were put away in the attic. I discovered one of these sets.. from the 1950's, complete with box and can I find it now???? If only we had known then what we know now about what would become desirable and collectable.
    Look forward to seeing you at the V & H Fair next weekend.
    P.s Regards to Eric.

  3. I've been sorting china too - I have waaaay too many boxes full....MUST take some to the fair before it takes over!


  4. Lovely china - I particularly like the cups with the band of pale green on the inside.
    Magaret P