Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Enid Blyton Nature Plates (posters) SALE!!

Since opening the shop I have worked hard to build up my collection of vintage school posters. Most of the ones sold at the moment are by the artist Eileen Soper who did them for Enid Blyton's Nature Series which was commisioned by the publisher Macmillan.

Enid Blyton wrote sixty nature lessons, sixty fairy tales and published 30 school 'readers' each containing two stories for children to read themselves. Eileen Soper painted the 60 'nature plates' to accompany the scheme.

I am frequently asked if they are photocopies or pages torn out of books ... the answer is

"No. They are original posters from classrooms dating from 1949 through the fifties."

I have the best of the collection mounted in card ready for framing and cellophane wrapped. The local framers who do this for me offer This'n'That customers a special deal on the framing of the prints.

There are other posters for sale in This'n'That from the forties and fifties. Some are published by Macmillan but are by other artists. I also have a selection of Nursery Rhyme posters from the 'Gay Way' reading series which I guess is from early 1960's.


I have decided to have a bit of a clear out at home and will be offering some posters which are perhaps not in such good condition as the ones which I have mounted and wrapped but are still great nostalgic treats.

Prices will be from £2 to £6 each with the offer starting on Friday 23rd April!

So, if you are able to visit the shop over the next week or so there are goodies to be found :)

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  1. Ooh I'm looking forward to your sale. Those are just my kind of thing.