Thursday, 8 April 2010

New This'n'That 'collector cards coming soon!

At the moment, customers are offered one of the beach hut cards which were introduced in late summer 2009.

Soon I'll have an updated version of the 'Donkey on the Beach' card. (First available in 2006 if I remember correctly).

Then there is a new card with this delightful picture such as may have been featured in one of those early 20th century schoolgirl stories. I imagine the girls having wonderfully old fashioned names ... all suggestions welcomed!

Last but not least is this picture taken from a 19th century colouring book. The little girl behind the breakwater looks all set to fly at any minute!

The new giveaway cards will be available later in April when they come back from the printer. However, I'll only be using one at a time to pop into bags with purchases so subsequent visits to the shop will give you different cards. I know that some bloggers can't get there so I'll be saving some for a giveaway later in the Spring.


  1. They are adorable. As one who cant get to your shops I eagerly await 'later in the spring'.

  2. The cards are gorgeous, I especially like the beach hut card and the girls looking at the crab. what a great idea, i just wish I lived nearby so I could collect them all.
    Ann x

  3. I wish I lived near your shop,we may be coming to devon for hols, so I will make secret manouvers to try to get your shop (If D gets wind of a shop visit erm...) I love the cards. I think there names are florrie , Dora, Betty ,and Violet Ruby (was my grans name),est wishes,Linda. XX

  4. They are lovely!

    I imagine the girls are named Edna, Doris, Milly & Joan.


  5. Love the cards Lesley.

    Thanks for good wishes. We're going to be so lucky with the weather (fingers still crossed, though!), so I'm sure it'll be a great day. Shame you're so far away!

    See you in May at Chipping Sodbury?

    Sue x

  6. They are lovely!! i have been to your store once last year. I'll be coming again maybe the end of this year, beginning of next x