Saturday, 18 September 2010

My blogs seem to have become a bit like London buses ... none for ages then several come along at once!!

Ah, boys' toys! Leo had a great time checking out all of the 'trove' from a recent buying trip! Lately it's become more difficult to find good 'stuff' at the sort of price I need if the shop is to remain relatively inexpensive ... that day was the exception though! Paul and I had a great time and have lots more goodies to bring in for sale in the shop and at 'Nostalgic Mix'. Mustn't forget the Vintage and Handmade Fair in November either. We'll be having a table there for the first time and we're really looking forward to it :)

As a retired teacher I feel able to describe my 'boy' Leo as having "a lively and enquiring mind." Maybe I'll find a few more miniature bits and pieces and take pictures of our 'giant' cat!

All of these pieces of 'trove' have disappeared into Paul's workshop for tlc ... and maybe the odd trip down memory lane?

However, when a lad's favourite sunbathing spot is filled with 'trove' it all gets a bit much!

Happy Days! ... Yes, before the unwanted and foolish efforts to turn Noddy and Big-Ears into some pc shadow of their former selves .. I could go on but best that I spare you more ranting about that!!!


  1. Lovely finds, looking forward to your fair in Totnes! Lizzie x

  2. What a great haul, Lesley, I know a little someone who would like those trucks in the first photo. I am so with you on the Noddy debacle, what a load of tosh. Bring back golly, I say!
    Hen x

  3. What fantastic "trove" you have there! Just the sort of special things I like for my shop too! But - your little fellow is toooooo adorable. I love your photo with him peeping around the gorgeous things!
    Gorgeous x

  4. Love that teapot.. wish I had kept the dish that matched it!
    I will be thinking of you next Saturday and so wish I was still able to come along. I am sure it will be a hugely successful and enjoyable day for you all.
    Michele x

  5. What type of cat is that? He's so cute!


  6. Hi Christina, He's a 'Ragdoll' and proud of it!