Friday, 17 September 2010

... and now for a long overdue 'virtual visit to This'n'That ...

We always have a mix of plates, jugs etc for your shelves and dressers. In this picture you can also see our 'emergency Scrabble alphabet' ... so many customers have asked to buy ceratin words/letters having seen our labels around the shop. One gentleman came in on Feb. 13th and bought the letters YRAREMM
Babycham glasses are as popular as ever as well as Pony, Cherry B, Britvic, and so on. I often have long conversations with customers (of a certain age) about those early alco-pops!

As winter draws on ... the collection of pure new wool blankets and merino wool baby blankets grows .. more due soon!

The collection of vintage school posters has expanded to include some from 1930's ones as well as the ever poular Enid Blyton Nature Plates.

It's alwats a joy to have an original, vintage picnic box or hamper in the shop. This one even has it's original Brexton china and cutlery plus bakelite topped jars and pots. I always have some in stock but in the winter they are tucked away in our storage.

The swimming cozzie is a very slender "Slix" one from 1960's I guess. It is ruched and boned ... very elegant!!

The flowery li-lo is brand new but just like the ones from 1950's ... it even smells all rubbery like the old ones did! I have them with big roses and spots on the reverse and another design with small roses on one side and stripes on the reverse. They come from Denmark and are one of my favourite summer lines. No doubt I'll stock them again next year :)

I've started to sell china as 'trios' (cup, saucer, plate sets) so that the customers collecting to mismatch sets can build up a varied collection quite easily.

We've also been selling 'Tea for Two' sets with two cups, saucers and plates plus a two tier cake stand and sometimes cream and sugar too!

I'm so please that china is becoming popular again. When the shop first opened in 2004 we sold lots of sets and then suddenly it all slowed down.


  1. So now I want to jump on a plane!

    I love that romantic anagram.

    I've been eyeing up a wool blanket of mine and wondering about turning it into cushions - or would that be sacriledge?

  2. Looking good! I just want to get inside those pictures and have a mung! Mind you, will be in Plymouth in about a months time. Woohoo, Totnes here I come!! Fallen in love with the little green plate with cherries and the lilo!
    See you soon!
    Z xx

  3. It all looks lovely. Love the 50's items i have quite a few babycham glasses it has to be said ;-)) And i do love the lilo thats gorg ;-)) Lovely pictures looks like a gorg shop to have a good moouch in ;-))

  4. The shop looks gorgeous Lesley, I can't wait to come down for the fair, but I don't think I will come home with any money as I will spend it all down there!! I love trio's as well, I have some on display here at home.
    Jo xx

  5. lovely shop, we visited in December and bought a 1960s pineapple ice bucket x