Friday, 17 September 2010

Love Ragdoll cats!!

So, so sorry that it's been so long with no new posts for This'n'That. Summer has passed in a blur of visitors at home, busy High Street in Totnes (wonderful!) and preparations for the first Nostagic Mix Fair.
More of that later .... must share this with you (hope the link works).
As followers already know I love my ragdoll cats. This handsome guy is Leo (you'll see him creeping around in the background of some of the 'stock' shots done in the garden at home.)
Well ... there I was watching goodness knows what on TV and suddenly it's the dreaded ads again but the screen fills with beautiful kitties, mostly raggies ... so sweet!


  1. Awww what a beauty ;-) I could spend lots of lovely hours brushing and cuddling. My gorg cat Timmy is a very sleek and graceful ginger boy with a character like a playful child...walking up the stairs watch your feet timmy will be ready to pounce ;-))

  2. Did you let Leo have some of that birthday wine i gave you? he looks even more "chilled" than usual! ;-)

  3. aaahh I love Leo, he's so handsome :)