Friday, 31 December 2010


Hope that many of you will have seen the first episodes of BBC's new 'William' production. It's been broadcast at an odd time though ... 12.30pm but luckily we spotted it and recorded it. all the better to freeze the frames and check out the 'stuff' on the kitchen shelves ... sad I know but I just love the BBC period productions for the scenery.
Lots of lovely school posters to be seen. I have some in stock. The doggy acting rivals that of the young and older stars!
Definitely a series for retro enthusiasts to wallow in.

Catch up on BBC I-Player :)


  1. Ooh, that looks great, I will see if it is on iplayer! Happy New Year, Lizzie x

  2. One more reason to wish we got UK TV... I know my boys would adore this - they had the stories read by Martin Jarvis on tapes when they were younger. Happy New Year!

  3. Great story and great production, and I know what you mean about checking out the 'stuff they put on the shelves, I have quickly learnt never watch a period drama with my huysband if it contains a vintage radio as part of the scenery.........if its wrong he moans for the rest of the programme!!!!!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Hi Lesley, I knew that it was coming but missed it - iplayer here I come!

  5. Have watched a couple, will go to bbc iplayer to see the rest. Like you I have been prop spotting all those wonderful items and wishing I had most of them, I just loved the kitchen curtain fabric. Happy New Year Lesley, hope to get over to Totnes soon. Jane xx

  6. Loved the series, but did miss a couple of repeating on CBBC, we caught a couple of episodes at the weekend. My son enjoyed it too.