Thursday, 7 January 2010

The world has gone mad!

Hi, Long time no blog but I thought that this exceptional weather shouldn't pass without mention. Haven't been out with my camera so looked at BBC Devon's website to see if there were any local pics to share and celebrate and came across this news.
You can click on the title to get to the story.
So sad, we can't cope with leaves on the line or the wrong sort of snow and then this ... so sad that our hardworking farmers have to suffer in this way. Time we had proper snow clearance equipment fo all roads including those to our all important farms!
Do take time to look at the other pics on BBC Devon website ... so beautiful:)

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  1. hi Lesley, the snow is lovely but putting a blight on our activities, I shan't be driving down to Exeter tomorrow!
    Michael and I visited your shop on the Tuesday before Christmas, firstly your helper was there (and busy) and when we popped back the shop was full and you were busy, so hello from us from here!