Sunday, 26 July 2009

A timely reminder for South West gardeners

Thought I'd share news of one of my favourite local events (which has usually come and gone before I can get there!) ...

Suttons Seeds have a trial ground adjacent to Fermoy's Garden Centre on the Totnes to Newton Abbot road. Their annual open days when the public can stroll around and enjoy the otherwise private site, are a treat not to be missed. It's a basket of delights and this year, there's an additional day for family fun too.

Family Growing Day August 1st 10.00am - 4.00pm

Open Weekend August 8th & 9th

Suttons have a blog with links which will give you more information


  1. Wonderful..seeing as it is so near to me, I'll try and get there! ;-)

  2. That sounds great! I hope you have a lovely time there.

  3. Hi Lesley, Thank you for all you are doing to help with the fair its really appreciated. Lots of people are talking about it so we hope it will be a success! Count yourself in for the next one. Me and my chum are longing to come to your shop in Totnes, hoping to visit after the ankle biters have gone back to school! Jane xxx sorry you wont be there, have a very happy ?0th birthday.

  4. You're shop looks amazing, i'll have to come and visit. I love the vintage images on your blog, I remember those books, I grew up with most of them. My favourite was always 'Shopping with Mother' where I think they used to fit all of their shopping into a small wicker basket.

  5. Thank you for this Lesley..
    I will be winging my way down to to the south west on Saturday and we often stop at Fermoy's on the way to grab one of their fine pasties and drool over the fabulous plants.. not literally of course!
    What a shame you aren't able to come to the Home Spun Fair.. but I am sure you will have a fabulous time elsewhere and wishing you a very happy nth Birthday !!!!!!
    Michele x