Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Sorry it's been so long since I posted a new blog. I've been away from the shop for a week or so enjoying my 'holiday at home' at the Ways With Words festival of literature at Dartington Hall just outside Totnes. (festival pics just as soon as I can find my camera in the chaos of our preparations for home improvements ... have packed just about everything except the cats, Mr Fixit and my PC!!)
Meanwhile, I have been saving this bit of literature to share with you. It's an extract from a Janet and John reading book where John and his father go off in an aeroplane for a ride with a pilot who just happens to land nearby and invite them on board! Not quite 'on message' for today's advice of not going off with strangers ... how times change. However, it is reassuring to read that Mother and the puppy have more sense.


  1. Oh lovely I love the book thank you for sharing xxxxxxxx

  2. I have the whole set of Janet and John reading them!
    BTW..hope you enjoyed Ways with Words.

  3. Ah Janet and John, takes me right back! Thank you for that.