Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Recent trove!! As yet not polished up and restored but thought you'd like to see what I've found!

Couldn't resist this lovely book. Don't know anyone off to Ireland at the moment so it's for sale in the shop. It's brand new and beautifully illustrated on thick, quality paper! Love it!!

Lots of other books below to come into the shop. I'm especially pleased that there are more natural history/gardening ones. The old penguin ones on fruit are by Mr. Bush!

Below: a mottley collection all awaiting This'n'That's brand of TLC from Mr. Fixit!! Funny how things seem to appear in batches! This week's batch would appear to be little brown cases. As you can see the largest has drawers! Now I have to wrestle with the options of whether to keep it (and perhaps line it with paper or fabric) or to sell it for someone else to do the TLC stuff!
I used to be indecisive but now I'm not too sure:)
The cash boxes make great treaure boxes and have trays with little compartments inside. One is being polished up as I type this and once gleaming they will go into the shop.
The milk bottles are an interesting collection. They are popular as 'kitchen windowsill vases' and look great with a bunch of buttercups or suchlike.
Ironically, one had a picture of a milkfloat and a message which read "Don't let your milkman become a thing of the past", and here I am selling the bottle as a collectable!

This book was something of a 'wildcard' for me since I sell very few new books. It's all about the postcard as artwork - very funky and modern looking.

More maps .... lovely miniature shears (can't say childsize since the health & safety thought police would get me!)
The ceramic bowl with a shiny metal rim is a curious thing. It has a flowery print (very olde worlde) and then painted over it (and glazed and fired) is Clarice Cliff style angular, orange, red and black design. I can only think that it was used as an developmental or training piece as styles changed in the 30's.

Pimms bunting ... well do I need to say more? Even without the bunting we all deserve a little tipple and a few mins of tennis on TV. The cocktail shaker is a penguin with a bow tie. Every home should have one:)

I'm so pleased with the miniature insulated tea pot and the egg cups but ... yes ... I will be brave and sell them ... honestly!

The season for summer picnics seems to be upon us and so I will be bringing them in over the next few weeks.

Finally ... Fred! Lovely boy:)


  1. You have some gorgeous bits and pieces there. I had a 'Fred' as a child, it bought back so many memories when I saw yours X

  2. Hello Lesley
    What a wonderful collection of items! I love the suitcases, tins and books in particular. Having vintage suitcases stacked always looks great in a room. Each time I see your posts it's full of things that I love!

  3. Wonderful treasures Lesley. The shop will look lovely! We have a Fred collection and use the salt and pepper pot every day. In fact I meant to look out a new pepper pot as the legs have just fallen off of ours (due to being dropped by clumsy oaf husband!)

  4. Hi Lesley

    Love that fruit bowl, which surprises me in a way, although over the last 12 months I have homed in on all things deco.

    What wonderful finds, especially the Kleenware sifter, TG Green or is it Masons strainer and do I spy a Toni Raymond sifter behind the milk bottles?

    If all those are going in your shop I really MUST get there soon!

    Sue x

  5. Love the suitcases, must find time to pop over.
    The floral illustrations are lovely too

  6. Love the cases, must try and find the time to pop over and take a look-see.
    The floral illustrations are delightful too