Thursday, 22 December 2011

This'n'That .... what next?

Seven years ago Paul and I signed the lease for the shop. Since then it has evolved from (what was intended to be)an 'Antiques and Collectables' shop into it's current 'Nostalgic Mix of old and new'.
We've had such fun and made lots of new friends.
We have added greetings cards and wrap, assorted gift lines and the ever popular stocking fillers for grown ups.
In 2010 I started up Nostalgic Mix Fairs with one in 2010, two in 2011 and already have two planned for 2012 when there will be two more Nostalgic Mix vintage fairs.
Paul and I have decided not to renew the lease and will be closing at the end of January. It took us a while to come to the decision but it's the right one for us.
I will, at long last, have time to really concentrate on the blog plus some selling on line.
Also, in addition to our own fairs I hope to be able to book in for others. This'n'That will be at Lizzie's Vintage Rag Market in Frome at the end of June and hopefully we will be at the Vintage and Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury in December.
I hope that you will continue to follow the blog and that your patience will, at long last, be rewarded with regular posts!! Yes Helen really!!
Hopefully many of our friends will be able to call in before we close.
There will be a sale in the shop in January and lots of our gift and card lines are already discounted.
(Booking forms for the 2012 fairs will be winging their way out after Christmas.)


  1. Would be fantastic to be able to buy some of your lovely things online......whenever I see a picture of your shop I scour over it in great detail looking at all the wonderful treasures!!!

    Have a very Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year.

    Helen x

  2. Good luck with your new ventures. I only recently discovered the shop in Totnes but heyho.........
    Looking forward to the next Mix & Vintage Fair, hope I can meet you there next March.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. If I hadn't already known this sad news,I'd be yelling 'Noooooooooo!' from the rooftops of Totnes!!
    You do realise that this is going to leave a massive hole in my blogging material and a massive hole in 'Vintage in Totnes'?!!
    However, as you say,it is the right thing for both of you to do
    and 'This'n That' I know, will live on... but in a different form.
    So all that remains to be said is...
    'Three cheers for 'This 'n That' and three cheers for Lesley and Paul' because they have given me and many others enormous pleasure over the years , not forgetting a trip back to my childhood...and we all need that now and again!!
    All the best for the future and here's wishing you a very, happy Christmas and a wonderful 2012! Lots of love...Sal ;-)

  4. Oh no- sorry to see your lovely shop close, I was in there today. But it must be a lot of work. Looking foward to seeing what you get up to in 2012
    Very best wishes
    Sue x

  5. Hi Lesley - wow what some news, very, very sad but lovely that your new ventures are enabling you to make the choice. A change as they say.....
    I hope to see you both in the new year.
    Have a lovely Christmas
    T x

  6. So sorry to hear the news that you are closing the shop, but I am sure you will be busy with other things! All the best for the New Year. Lizzie xx

  7. That is a big change Lesley but hopefully the start of something new for you & of course we will still see you at the V&H Fairs!


  8. To say I'm gutted you aren't renewing your lease is an understatement my tree is laden with owl, ladybird and assorted vintage baubles from your shop, in addition to scrabble related bits and bobs littered about my home. Sad I won't be able to visit the shop anymore but look forward to online adventures especially as I've just discovered your blog!

  9. Hi Lesley, lovely to see you yesterday. Will miss popping in to This n That to say hello, but looking forward to being ladies who lunch together very soon. Hope 2012 is a wonderful year for your new ventures.

    Helen xx

  10. There will be lots of people very sad when they see you are no longer there Leslie. I wish I could come down one last time before you close and do a day for you. But alas, not possible, I'm in Glasgow for the weekend of the 28th. I know so many people come to Totnes specifically to come to This n That. I also know that whatever you do in the future you will do with passion. So This n that is just changing it's state, a bit like a transformer!! LOL. All the very best for the future Leslie and Paul.xxxxxxxxxxxxx