Sunday, 7 August 2011

Today is Sunday. It is raining ....


Who remembers the 'weather board'at infant school? The start of day ritual was to establish the day, sometimes the date too and .... the weather!

How did we find out about the weather? Well, we either looked out of the window (very scientific) or even stood outside.

Well, what I'm leading up to is to ask why the Met Office (only 'down the road' at Exeter) can't do the same? So often lately we are told that it will be raining for much of the day, consequently Totnes is a bit quieter than it might otherwise be ... but ..... the sun shines! Conversely, especially at weekends it rains when we had been told perhaps early showers and a fine afternoon.

However, I suppose that I can't blame them for today, they forecast rain and rain it did .... in what my Gran would have referred to as stair rods!!

Should you wish to do the 'Blue Peter' thing and make your own weather board ... perhaps not using the ever popular Fairy Liquid bottle... a Google search for weather symbols was most productive :)

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