Thursday, 21 July 2011

Nostalgic Mix September 24th 2011

I'm starting to sort bookings this week. The sad side of the fair's success is that I now have many more people interested in selling than I have tables to allocate.
At the time of posting this blog I have contacted a number of previous sellers from NM1 &2 to check whether or not they are coming along and then I will check interest with others before allocating what space is left.
The whole event will be managed online. I have tried to do some bookings by taking papers to folk but to be practical I am too short of time to do that properly. So, it's emailed messages back and forth. Then application forms and cheques posted to me after which all communications are by emails.
You will find an email me link in the right column of the blog.
If anyone wants to cut and paste the above picture for their blog that's a great help or, if you would like me to send publicity material by post for you to pass to others I can sort that.
Thanks XX Watch this space for regular (yes, regular, I have reformed) updates. :)

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  1. Looking forward to NM 3. Will put a cheque in the post! Lizzie xx