Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Nostalgic Mix .. the sequel!!

Many thanks to everyone who has sent messages or called into the shop to say how they enjoyed the fair
There will be another (hopefully many more!!). I have provisionally reserved the hall for Saturday, March 26th 2011. There's a bit of sorting out of numbers of tables and how best to use the space bearing in mind lessons learned from the first fair, but if you would like to go onto my mailing list when bookings are being taken then please use the email me link and head your message 'Nostalgic Mix 2' ... Thanks.

As before, I'm telling bloggers first.

Apologies for the delay in putting on the last batch of pics. and sending off feedback forms (coming soon) to stallholders ... but ..... how about this for mitigating thingies?... my PC died, the router died, the new hub threw a hissy fit and ignored my laptop and then the laptop ground to a halt and finally, the printer (not to be outdone) refused to find anything and sat in a self-absorbed silence.

Black clouds hung above my desk and thoughts of hurling the unco-operative things through the window swirled through the red mist!!


  1. grrrr I know how it feels - came back from holiday in the summer to a very dead PC.... Lizzie x