Saturday, 10 July 2010

Time for a virtual visit to the This'n'That shop!

Lots more vintage school posters all mounted and wrapped ready for you to frame (& a great reduction negotiated with the local framer for This'n'That customers!!)

Enid Blyton, Ladybird, Rupert etc. still This'n'That favourites!

Some great new embroidered cushions ... from £8.50!

Lots more china coming in daily (from my secret china hoard which has been growing over the winter. I'm having such fun unpacking it since usually I've forgotten what I packed away so at the moment every day is loke Christmas Day!!)

Lashings of ginger beer kits to make your own brew for those Blyton adventures!

Just can't resist books. Originally I intended to limit myself to just two shelves in the big bookcase but now they are threatening to take over!

Bliss, Oh joy! Now they are making little notebooks just like the Peter Rabbit books with a beautiful picture on the cover, usual front/back pages, marker ribbon and a colour printed page (all the rest are blank for you to write upon).

The garden corner of the window is still popular and filled with gift ideas.

The bookcase with those famous guinea pig egg cups and other bits and pieces of this and that!

Also, more posters on offer. I have sorted out some of the Enid Blyton nature plates which are not quite good enough for me to pay to have them mounted and wrapped but great bargains for you to frame at home.


  1. I shall be definitely making a return trip!
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. I will definitely be making a return trip
    Julie xxxxx

  3. It all looks wonderful, I would love to come down and have a good look round in person. I love all the old books and the school prints.
    Ann x

  4. What treasures .... hopefully the last Friday in this month i will be having a day out in totnes .. the first for 5/6 years so will come and say Hello .. Kieren

  5. Lovely as always, I wish I was there to see it in the flesh!
    T x

  6. It all looks quite delicious.. my eyes are particularly drawn to the children's books.. Never could resist a good yarn with lashings of fun!

    Michele xx

  7. Wow! it is looking WONDERFUL. I must visit sometime!!

  8. coming in for a visit Thursday - excited!!

  9. You talk of Enid Blyton and the concomitant lashings of ginger beer. In fact, I have a segment, "Food in Blytonian Literature" in my book on Enid Blyton, titled, The Famous Five: A Personal Aencdotage (
    Stephen Isabirye