Saturday, 29 August 2009

Apple Time

Not quite the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness yet but the early mornings are certainly a bit cooler. There are a few 'apple' items coming into the shop.

More of the popular enamelled buckets Usually £22 now reduced to £18

Also a new line, a wicker apple picker (about 3 feet long) at a great price of just £7.50!

I hope that last year's best selling wrapping paper with pictures of dozens of varieties will be arriving soon. I already have the sheets of 'apple names' wrap and will try to scan some of it to add to this post soon.


  1. A pleasing sight and how marvellous to have a gadget that doesn't require batteries etc

  2. Love the Apple Picker I haven't really seen one of these before. It would be quite nice to add a green and white check fabric lining to the little basket.

  3. thanks for visiting our blog, fibre fest is on every 2 years i think but the undersea adventure will be at exeter next september. your shop looks lovely, must take a visit one daY, HOPE ITS NOT TOO FAR! the festival was great fun with loads to see! lol maxine

  4. We have just harvested our crop of apples and they are delicious!
    I grew up with a garden that had once been an apple orchard.. I did tire of stewed apple but can still be tempted by a spiced apple crumble.
    So pleased you have mentioned the Enid Blyton film.. I had forgotten all about this.. one not to be missed.


  5. loving your blog! and i visit your shop often i love its vintage charm and all the nostalgic goodies it has to offer ;0)
    i bought some small coloured felt gloves with lace trim in various colours- do you remember them? i did buy them quite a few years back!
    i treasure them and hang post cards off them.
    x kazzy x

  6. What a great idea the apple picker! I love the apple bucket too.
    Isabelle x