Monday, 30 March 2009

Introducing the (usually) unseen hero of This'n'That ... Mr. Fixit (Paul) !!

Yesterday, we spent the day on the South Devon Railway. It was glorious. The mix of bright sunshine and steam trains brought just the sort of wave of nostalgia which I try to create in the shop. This time it was Paul's special birthday treat, a "Footplate Experience" which meant that we spent the whole day going up and down the line from Buckfastleigh to Totnes with Paul, along with three other guys, took turns to be train driver and to stoke the fire.

I rode in the carriage with the guests of the other drivers and enjoyed great views of the Dart Valley and the opportunity to step into the nostalgic age of steam as we made a total of three return journeys along the line.

I'll let the pictures of Paul speak for themselves ....

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  1. I have a thing about steam trains! My grandad was a driver with the GWR! When I was very little they used to sit me on the wall at Newton station so that I could watch the trains come and go.;-)